Online Ordering Leads to Bigger Tickets and More Repeat Business

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If you’re not offering on-line ordering, you are missing out on one of the biggest trends for restaurants.  It attracts new customers, increases repeat business and increases average ticket prices. The advantages are plentiful.  Cornell University researchers studied restaurants that offered online ordering and those that didn’t, and they concluded online ordering resulted in a 42% increase in takeout orders.  Those restaurants offering delivery services saw a 28% increase in orders when online ordering was …

Food Costs

Are Your Food Costs Adding Up?

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Food costs are a huge factor in the success of your restaurant. Whether you’re a quick service or fine dining restaurant, food costs can determine the restaurant’s profitability. Without knowing your food costs, there is no way to know if your menu items are generating a profit. There are numerous reasons why food costs can spike. Some fluctuations are out of your control like seasonal changes, and vendor growth issues. However, most are internal decisions …