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linga pos hardware

About Linga POS

Linga POS is an innovative global technology company serving the hospitality industry. Our mission is to help companies succeed and improve overall profitability through our ground-breaking solutions. Linga POS is a Benseron Hospitality company that has become the most advanced iPad Cloud POS for restaurants on the market. Benseron Hospitality is also the central hub for Hybrid Payment Solutions, ZenPepper, and Bevo POS.

Linga iPad POS is the world’s first Open platform, Cloud-based iPad POS System. It’s a complete restaurant operating system that is more sophisticated than any other Point of Sale system on the market. Linga iPad POS has a special offline feature where the iPads work independently without the need of a server computer, internet, or another iPad. Point to Point Encryption and EMV compatibility are also included features that make Linga POS an industry leader.

We understand that business owners have many things to worry about, and our goal is to offer the best solutions paired with the right tools to help them succeed.

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  • – Onur Haytac, CEO

    Linga POS is a Benseron Hospitality company. Benseron Hospitality has been in business since 2004 with the mission to help businesses succeed through various solutions. Paired with experience and innovation, Linga POS steps into the future with its incredible business model.

Onur Benseron Hospitality CEO

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