5 Ways to Use Instagram Marketing for Restaurants and Bars

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What do you get when you combine the two saying, “We eat with our eyes,” and, “A picture is with a thousand words?” The answer is the ideal method of promoting your restaurant: Instagram. Restaurants and bars which are not using this powerful marketing tool are losing out on a great way to drive business through their doors. But for those who lack experience with the Instagram platform or marketing the entire process can seem a bit overwhelming. The good news is that even the most inexperienced food service marketer can …

Online Ordering Leads to Bigger Tickets and More Repeat Business

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If you’re not offering on-line ordering, you are missing out on one of the biggest trends for restaurants.  It attracts new customers, increases repeat business and increases average ticket prices. The advantages are plentiful.  Cornell University researchers studied restaurants that offered online ordering and those that didn’t, and they concluded online ordering resulted in a 42% increase in takeout orders.  Those restaurants offering delivery services saw a 28% increase in orders when online ordering was …

What to Look for in a Food Truck POS

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Discovering the prime location, cooking fantastic food, and appealing to hungry constituents are three of the key ingredients to running a successful food truck. The final key ingredient is to choose the best food truck POS system. With the right food truck POS, you can stay organized, analyze data, manage payments, and keep orders straight. Whether you have one food truck or multiple locations, the right POS can help you to get your food out of …

Cloud POS Technology

Market Trends Point to Cloud POS as the Future

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If you are not using the cloud for your POS system and reporting, chances are you will be in the near future.   New research reported in Reforming Retail shows that cloud POS has achieved significant penetration within the U.S. restaurant market, exceeding 20% in all categories of restaurants except for cafeterias. Market Penetration of Cloud POS by Category QSR 25% Café 25% Food Trucks 95% Cafeteria 15% Fast Casual 25% Full Service 35% That …

Reasons restaurants should consider switching to an iPad-based POS system

iPad POS Benefits

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POS systems have evolved tremendously over the years. Most restaurants are no longer using just a cash register to manage their sales and operations. It is more effective to use a complete POS system that also incorporates such features as customer loyalty programs, inventory management, and KDS integration. An iPad-based POS system makes managing these features easier than ever. They are designed to simplify restaurant management, increase efficiency, and allow staff more time with customers. …

How to Master the Art of Checkout Lines

How to Master the Art of Checkout Lines

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If your restaurant has a checkout line, than it can be a big factor in how your customer experience is perceived. There are not many people who like to wait, and if potential customers roll up to your restaurant and see a long line they may choose to go somewhere else. People are hungry, and having people wait too long at the beginning or end to checkout can be a problem for your restaurant. When …

The Future of POS Systems

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Before & How It Has Evolved Are you looking toward the future of POS systems? POS originated from the original arithrometer in 1623. The arithrometer started as a mechanical calculator and grew into a bigger and more powerful device. In the late 1800s the arithrometer evolved into the first cash register. It was also at this time that the term, “ringing up a sale” came to light. Starting in the 1980s, IBM came out with …

Linga POS a Top 10 Retail POS

Benseron Information Technology: Adding Clarity to the Business of Selling

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Check out this exciting article by Retail CIO Outlook Magazine featuring our CEO Onur Haytac. “During his graduate degree, Onur Haytac, CEO of Benseron Information Technology, got an opportunity to help his local subway restaurant to address a challenge that was leading to hiccups in their sales procedures. “I was shocked to see the outdated POS system that was being used by its stores globally,” says Haytac. Embarking on a mission to give them a …

Communication Is Key To Success

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Don’t underestimate the power of communication. It’s one of the things you can never have enough of, especially in the fast-paced restaurant industry. Increasing the communication between your restaurant managers and your employees is one of these issues you probably consider here and there but rarely pay enough attention too. Yet creating good and open communication between your staff can lead to a more focused and positive workplace. Let’s cover some tips on how to …

The 5 Tech Trends To Have In Your Restaurant

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iPads used for menus and wine lists are pretty cool. You can’t even argue with that because in 2015 that started being one of the latest tech trends for restaurants. So what about 2016 and this year? As a restaurant you need to invest in technology that increases your efficiency and makes for a top notch customer experiences to crush your competition. iPad Point of Sale System This is the very core of your operation, …

5 Things To Consider When Implementing New Technology Across Your Restaurant Chain

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Hint: Take it slow! First of all, it’s usually a lengthy and ambitious process. So give it some time, be patient and you will reap the long-term benefits in no time!Introducing new technology like a new Point-of-Sale system or  online ordering at all your locations all at once is a recipe for disaster. We understand that you are eager to make a switch but give implementation some consideration and planning. It’s not a go big or go home …