Restaurant Cleaning

Why Your Restaurant’s Cleanliness Should Be a Top Priority

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Your restaurant’s cleanliness should be a top priority when it comes to running your restaurant. Even if you have the tastiest food in town, failing at restaurant cleanliness will surely steer away customers. It can be a nightmare for guests to go into a restaurant and experience trash in their food, or even getting food poisoning the day after eating at your restaurant. This gives your restaurant a bad taste for customers. They won’t want …

Online Ordering

Why Your Restaurant Needs an Online Ordering System

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Who doesn’t love an extra opportunity to gain more business? According to the National Restaurant Association, 42% of consumers say the ability to order online would make them choose one restaurant over another. Even though that percentage is huge, some restaurants are still on the fence of implementing an online ordering system. They think things like, “Is my restaurant right for online ordering?” and “Are these numbers 100% accurate?” With today’s technology advancements, customers can …

Our Favorite Naples Restaurants

National Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day

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Our Favorite Local Restaurants in Naples, FL Today we celebrate the success of all small businesses across the country. They are the backbone and heart of this country. National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day is celebrated every year on March 29th. Rick and Margie Segel founded National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day as a way to honor people like their parents who started a successful hat store in 1939. We wanted to recognize …

Social Media for Food Trucks

Social Media for Food Trucks

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Food trucks are fueled by people looking for inexpensive and quick meals. They are sweeping the nation, and their popularity is constantly growing. People are enjoying the idea of getting fast food gourmet alternatives like tacos, burritos, grilled cheeses, and cupcakes on-the-go. Today, many food trucks are capitalizing with different social media platforms to promote their efforts like their secret truck location on a particular day, special events, or discounts and coupons. Read social media …

Restaurant Customer Loyalty

Are You Bringing In Enough Repeat Customers?

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Repeat customers are a huge segment of customers within the restaurant industry. Your restaurant will not stay in business if you don’t have a healthy volume of returning customers. According to the advisory firm, Bain & Co., Customer loyalty leads to profits. Increasing customer retention by 5 percent boosts profits by 25 to 95 percent. That’s not a small number, and what is surprising is that not enough people or restaurateurs are taking advantage of …

Food Costs

Are Your Food Costs Adding Up?

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Food costs are a huge factor in the success of your restaurant. Whether you’re a quick service or fine dining restaurant, food costs can determine the restaurant’s profitability. Without knowing your food costs, there is no way to know if your menu items are generating a profit. There are numerous reasons why food costs can spike. Some fluctuations are out of your control like seasonal changes, and vendor growth issues. However, most are internal decisions …

Restaurant Staff 101

Restaurant Staffing 101

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One of the basics to owning a successful restaurant is having a competent and hardworking staff. The interaction between your staff and your customers can be much stronger than any ad or promotional material you put out there. It costs money to market and get customers into your restaurant for the first time. When a guest has a positive experience from a staff member; that’s priceless, and no-cost repeat business can be your secret to …

Shopping for a POS System

Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Shopping for a POS System

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Having a good Point of Sale (POS) software solution is one of the basic requirements for many restaurants around the country, if you didn’t know that then you really need some lessons. Today, there are many different types of POS systems, and if you looked for a definition of what a POS system is, you will find many different variations. Most people classify a POS or point of sale system as multi solution software that …

Ways Your Restaurant Can Give Back

Ways Your Restaurant Can Give Back To The Community

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Whether you are quick service, food truck, pizza, or fine dining restaurant, it’s important to find ways to give back to your community. According to the National Restaurant Association, 94% of restaurants make charitable contributions, and their contributions mostly go to their local community. During a disaster, restaurants become the backbone of support by providing food and beverages to first responders of those affected. As a restaurant owner, giving back can create buzz for your …

Restaurant Web Design

Tips for Having a Successful Restaurant Web Design

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Do you have a website for your restaurant? If not, you are surely missing out on a huge amount of customers. Just like your dine-in menu, your website is an extension of your restaurant’s brand. Competition is constantly growing, and having a well-constructed website can set you apart from the competition. Having a good website, gives potential customers the opportunity to get acquainted with your menu, style, interior, and services. It gives you the opportunity …

8 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Restaurant This Spring

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Is your restaurant in a slump? Spring is the perfect time to clean things up and get your restaurant back on the map. The restaurant industry has always been known as a hard industry to be in. Competition and trends are hard enough by themselves for restaurant owners to keep up with. Let’s face it, restaurant failure rates are high, public tastes are constantly changing, and eating out can be one of the quickest things …

Owning a Restaurant Letter

My Dear Restaurateur Friend,

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You have worked hard all your life, saved up some money, and its time. Time to start building your dream business. After all, you are the social type A personality, with an entrepreneurial mind who finally wants to be their own boss. You got your momma’s and probably even grannies recipes and opening a restaurant sounds like a great idea. You know you can cook, you are extremely hardworking, and you’re damn sure you can …