Easy Call Center Integration

Call Center POS

Improve the Experience

Access customer purchase history, loyalty points, gift card balances and more with customer profiles created from Linga Back Office.

Connect with Customers

Instantly calculate distance between nearby stores and customers, display working hours and contact information.


Increase Productivity, Improve Customer Service

Leverage Phone Orders

Leverage Phone Orders
Trained phone operators offer customers a quick and easy order experience without distractions.

Track Order and Dipatch Delivery

Track Order and Dipatch Delivery
Provide tracking for online orders seamlessly with a synchronized call center and delivery dispatch.

Improve Speed and Accuracy

Improve Speed and Accuracy
Send orders straight to the kitchen and route deliveries to the nearest or best available location.

Centralize and Scale Business

Centralize and Scale Business
Set store-specific minimum order amounts and delivery charges with centralized phone order support.

World-Class Call Center Optimization

  • Built with Customers in Mind: Re-route orders when necessary or cancel an order from the call center. Full integration of customer loyalty programs, purchase history, and address
  • Provide Critical Information: Track orders and label them as Placed, Waiting for Acceptance, Confirmed (by store), Cancelled, Delivered.

  • Improve Loyalty and Transaction Size: Linga Call Center integrates customer loyalty functions and allows operators to leverage upsell and promotions based on customer history
  • Stay in Control: Access reporting tools such as store sales, order summary, order type and more. View Consolidated reports and activity updates.

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