Photo of new taqueria

How to Open a Taqueria

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Tacos and burritos are inexpensive, portable and well-loved by just about everyone. If you are looking to start your own QSR, a taqueria may be the perfect fit for you. Here is a simple guide to opening a taqueria in your area. A Quick Guide to Opening a Taqueria 1. Decide if you are going to serve authentic food or unique recipes. There are advantages for both options, but making the decision early in your …

Reasons restaurants should consider switching to an iPad-based POS system

iPad POS Benefits

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POS systems have evolved tremendously over the years. Most restaurants are no longer using just a cash register to manage their sales and operations. It is more effective to use a complete POS system that also incorporates such features as customer loyalty programs, inventory management, and KDS integration. An iPad-based POS system makes managing these features easier than ever. They are designed to simplify restaurant management, increase efficiency, and allow staff more time with customers. …

How to prepare your restaurant for the holiday season

How To Prepare Your Restaurant For The Holiday Season

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The holiday season is quickly approaching. People are not just loosening their belts when it comes to food, but also their wallets. It’s the perfect time for restaurants to capitalize as the go-to place for customers to celebrate. Planning is the difference between the holiday season being a lost opportunity versus one filled with engaged customers, more referrals, and increased revenues. Here are some ideas to consider 1. Gift Cards Let your customers give the …

Restaurant POS vs. Retail POS

Restaurant vs. Retail POS Systems

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In the market for a POS system for your restaurant? There is a lot of options on the market right now. One of the biggest mistakes restaurant owners make is going with a system that is more retail specific rather than restaurant. The National Restaurant Association says that point of sale systems are one of the most critical business tools for restaurant operators. It’s a system you will use every day, which you will eventually …

Restaurant Seating Blog Article

Restaurant Seating Layout – What are the Secrets?

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Having a successful restaurant seating layout is crucial for the success of your business. Your seating layout can influence every aspect of your restaurant, from profitability to the overall customer experience. It used to be that sitting near the kitchen was not an ideal experience for consumers. They hated the heat, noise, and wanted a more private dining experience. Today, it’s the complete opposite, and customers want to experience the culinary action. According to research …

How to choose a Pizza POS System

How to Choose a Pizza POS System

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Not all food industries are created equal. The pizza industry is one of the most cut throat and competitive industries today. As the typical food customer has evolved, so has the pizza industry. According to Technoomic, pizza is trending at its highest level in the past four years. Think about the rise in Fast Casual establishments and how the millennial generation has influenced businesses. For god’s sake, even Dominos is offering salad options. Did you …

Fourth of July Events

Fourth of July Restaurant Event Ideas

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It’s almost the Fourth of July, and do you know what that means? That means anyone and everyone is coming out of the shadows to participate in the festivities. People across the United States celebrate freedom and independence for their country. It’s one of the most popular holidays during the summertime, and people use it as every excuse to be outside and enjoying the warm weather. As a restaurant owner, it can be a great …

Restaurant Mobile Payment Technology

Mobile Payments: The Evolution

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Let’s face it, accepting only cash or traditional payment methods these days is whack, which is why apps like this mobile btc wallet app are becoming more popular.. People hate the mess and the time constraint. Mobile payments like Apple, Samsung, and Android pay is what’s hot right now for customers and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If you have ever used mobile pay then you know it makes things easier. Our phones do …

How To Prepare Your Restaurant For A Natural Disaster

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Hurricane season has started and damages are projected to happen to areas across the United States. Just like hurricanes, other natural disasters like snowstorms, fires, tornados can happen to any restaurant or business at any time. While making emergency procedures can seem one of the least fun aspects of running a restaurant, they can be of the utmost importance. No one wants to imagine their business or their customers being severely injured or impaired. By …

Restaurant Inventory Management Myths

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It’s common knowledge that taking inventory is a necessity for the management restaurants. However, there are many conflicting views on how and when inventory should be taken. One of the main successful concepts of owning a restaurant is knowing how to balance your inventory properly. Remember, your inventory costs affect your menu costs. If you’re not balancing your inventory properly, and your menu prices are too low, you don’t make money. We debunked 6 inventory …

Local Sustainable Food

Why More Restaurants Are Buying Food Locally

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Local, sustainable food is trending right now, and more and more restaurants are adopting the concept. It’s not just fine dining restaurants adopting it either, quick service and fast casuals are also participating. The millennial generation was a huge influence on this trend, and eating healthier is here to stay. Purchasing bulk ingredients from commercial farms might seem like the easier option, but you could be missing out on not just a huge customer base …

Summertime Profits

Increase Your Customer Volume and Profits This Summer

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Summer can either be a make or break time for restaurants. Kids are out of school, the weather is warmer, and many people venture out of their usual habits to experience something different. The changing season brings a sense of warmth and happiness to people’s personas. With the right strategy, you can identify and target the right customer base to turn your slow summer season into a thriving season. We have compiled eight easy ways …