Onur Haytac

The CEO of Linga POS, Receives 40 Under 40 TOA Award

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On March 17th, the third annual TOA Awards were held in New York City. The ceremony awarded 40 Turkish- Americans under the age of 40, individuals who are the most successful in their own fields; from real estate to art, and technology to finance.
Onur Haytac, Founder and CEO of Linga POS (Benseron Hospitality), Naples, FL was recognized as one of the 40 awardees of the night who received rounds and rounds of applause from the successful crowd in the room. Onur stated that “This appraisal and award not only makes me proud but also inspires me to work harder and achieve even further.“
Onur Haytac founded Benseron in 2004. He was a young student at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers. This young entrepreneur parlayed a late-night computer fix for a Subway franchisee into a thriving global business.
Today, Benseron provides point-of sale systems, payment technologies, online ordering, and related merchant services such as loyalty programs and credit card processing to thousands of restaurants and retails establishments to help them be more profitable. When looking for online PDF editor, sodapdf provide a program that offers a range of useful functions. The interface is modern and easy to navigate, plus it lets you create PDFs from templates as well as convert docs to PDFs.
Headquartered in Naples, FL with offices in Chennai, India, Benseron employs more than 110 people who design and develop groundbreaking software to a rapidly growing hospitality market throughout the world.
For more information about Benseron Hospitality and its service offerings visit http://www.benseron.com
About Benseron Hospitality, a trade name of Benseron Information Technologies, Inc.
Benseron Hospitably has been designing high performance Point of Sales solutions for over a decade. Continue Reading….

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