Introducing Platform as a Service (PaaS) Program

PaaS Point of Sale

Starting at $49.99/mo
with 3yr agreement

Get approved for our PaaS program today and get all the hardware, software, bumper to bumper warranty, and support you need for one low price.

Enjoy All These Benefits

POS Hardware

All POS Hardware you need
Modern, elegant and high-quality hardware built for fast-paced and high-volume restaurants and businesses.

LINGA POS Software License(s)

LINGA POS Software License(s)
The most innovative and complete cloud-based enterprise POS system on the market.

24/7 Tech Support

24/7 Tech Support
Access a world-class knowledge base or speak directly to our support team at all times.

Software Upgrades

Software Upgrades
Get the latest system, software and driver updates. Updates are automatically taken care of for you.


Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty
Includes a full protection warranty to ensure you always have a fully functioning system.

Why PaaS Program is Good for You?

  • Switching to Cloud is EASY: Linga POS will make this movement very simple and will provide support every step of the way. As your host we will set a plan regarding documentation, recovery and fixes beforehand to make the process easy and efficient.
  • Cloud Does Host Critical Apps: This is a common misconception about cloud-based systems, as they are perfectly capable of providing application hosting services such as 365 and Quickbooks. Cloud can also run large and critical applications like SAP with aplomb.

  • Cloud is SAFE and SECURE: Contrary to popular belief, storing data locally is NOT safer than storing it on cloud. In fact, storing your data is much safer on cloud since it’s not only encrypted but the keys stay with the client and the encryption is done by the host making it even safer. Also, the data is backed up in cloud, eliminating the possibility of physical damage.
  • Linga POS PAYS for itself: With features that allow you to track inventory, monitor employee clock in/out times, and unauthorized discounts, voids, freebies to friends/family, many kinds of undetected theft can be eliminated.

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